All my Happiness
all my happiness

All my happiness is about everything I love to do.
and want to share it with everyone.

My Name is Mary Blake, I’m married and have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.
I have a Japanese chin dog Named Sam and he’s very spoiled.
I’m a consultant with Pampered Chef and Thirty-one and I love doing both.
I love doing Junk journals I have one or two always in the making.

All my happiness website

I decided to start this site and put together everything I love to do on it. I had a hard
time coming up with a name, but all my happiness seems to fit with
everything that
I love to make and do. so that’s how I came up with that name.
I will add my JJ and information on a page as I love JJ Junk journals,
I found a site
and started making one and been doing it ever since.
I’m not the greatest but I do like making them.

Bible journal – I love to do this as well. so, I will share what I have and when
I add my information, updates as I’m doing my Bible Journaling.

Crafts – This will be mostly small crafts, easy crafts. I seem to always make
smaller things. I will add how I made it with material etc.

House plants – I just started up with these again right now I only have two plants,
but I want to add more so stay tuned for more information on that.

Verse Mapping – I just got into this and will be showing what I have done as I do it,
I will add what information I have found, etc.

Product Reviews – I will be starting these back up soon. I love reviewing products.
I love sharing what I think about the product, how it works etc.

Diamond Painting – I started to do diamond painting then it didn’t go far but
I really enjoy it, so I decided to pick it back up again.
I will add what I’m planning on doing and what I have finished.
I will let you know where I bought each kit, etc.

Mary Blake
92 Taftville-Occum Rd
Norwich, CT. 06360