I have used a planner now for years, but never thought to share my planner or interest with anyone.
I’m not one to buy a lot of stickers so I don’t really add them. I like them don’t get me wrong, just don’t add a lot.
So, stay tuned I will try and get my planners up and how I use them.

I just love planners & Handmade planners!
I will have other planners, info on them, planner flip through, and spreads.

Planners I’m using now!
The Big Happy Planner
Tula XII Larger planner – will start using soon and    will do some videos on this one.

My new 2024 Prayerful Planner

prayful planner
I got the January 2024 – December 2024 daily Faith Prayerful Planner Dated. I did click on the wrong one.

But I love it now. wasn’t My first choice but I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to get started.

prayful planner 2


Approx. Overall Dimensions:  9″ wide x 10″ tall

Page Dimensions:  7.5″ wide x 9.5″ tall

444-page daily planner includes:

    • Nice thick 100gsm pages (approx. 70lb weight)
    • COLORFUL Inside pocket for storing extra papers and receipts.
    • Prayer Requests Page
    • Bible Reading Tracker
    • 2023 Word/ Verse of the Year Worksheet
    • 2023 Purpose Worksheet
    • 2023 Vision Board
    • 2023 Goals Sheet
    • 2023 Reflection Page
    • 12 Thick Monthly Tabbed Pages – Gold foil with BOLD white lettering
    • Two-page monthly calendar with a Sunday start
    • Notes Column – (on each monthly calendar spread)
    • Daily planner sheets for each day of the year
    • Priorities section for your top three tasks of the day
    • Flexible planning section for scheduling
    • NEW Scripture/ Verse on each daily page
    • Praise section for daily gratitude.
    • Physical Health
    • Post it area for to-do lists, grocery lists and notes.
    • Prayer Journal area to document prayer life
    • Extra notes pages
    • Durable hard cover
    • Protective gold color corners
    • Beautiful Gold Wire-O binding
    • Gold foil logo detail
    • Comes in a beautiful gift box!

Note: once I start working in this planner I will make another page, for pictures, information what not.

I just joined Tula Xll

choose cover
The first 3 are XL (last is a pro) The yellow spine is large, the next 3 are medium.
(last is a trifolio) The last is the snap & go small.

I got a large one and it’s a watermelon color, the next one I get will be a XL.  will take a picture and add here. I still need to get another insert and some accessories and stickers 🙂 all the fun stuff. I also have a gnome Mini deco set I will also take a picture and add the information here.
I also just ordered the small planner so I will show that when it comes in as well.
I will work on this all this coming week and update this page for you all.

This is the Tula XII Larger planner; my next one I will be getting the Xtra large one.

Tulaxii plannerI still need two more inserts for this one and a few accessories as well.

Here is the small one!
small tula xiismall tulaxii inside


Krause Rings: this Video will show you How to Safely Remove them.

What planner do you use and how do you use it?
do you have pictures?
Let me know! Your comment just might get posted here.


Here are a few links to some planners.

Planners on Amazon

Erin condren From high-quality planners and notebooks to custom organizers,
desk accessories, and more!


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