I will be, making crafts for my Bible, so I thought I would share them here.
I will list pictures, materials, and how I made them. I will also add other things that I have added to my Bible here also.



Cloth paperclip
1 – 2″ paper clip
piece of cloth about 5 3/4″ long and about 3/4″ wide.

Hold cloth in half-length wise and cut a piece off the top going at an angel. see picture.
now fold cloth in half and hold paper clip, slip folded part in clip, take the ends and slip though the hold and tightening a little. fix like picture and done.

Cross on bible

It’s not a Bible craft but I wanted to show you what I did to the front of my Bible.

I took a dollar tree wooden cross came in a package with others. this one is 1 3/4″ wide by 2 1/4 long. I took some fabri-tac and glued it on the front of my Bible journal.




I had a card from My Mom, she passed away and wanted to add it to my Journaling Bible.

so, I used a little glue across the back of the top of the card, along the fold of the card and the bottom of the card only. so, when you add it on your page the right side of the card is open. this way I can add any notes etc. in there.

I left my card open so I can see what my mom wrote. but you could glue the top and bottom to make another pocket if you wished.


Ribbon added to the inside cover of your Bible. I took some fabri-tac and glued it on the front inside cover of my Bible. you can do this to the inside of the back cover as well if you wish. I used a simple ribbon but there are all kinds that you can use.




Bookmarker charms

Need Cereal Box, glue, ribbon and charms and scissors.

I used a cereal box to make this, card stock, ribbon and charms





cut your piece the length of your bible and the



Bookmarker ribbon charm 2width of the side, do one first and slide it in the spine to make sure it fits. (It should be able to slide in easily.) cut any extra, so forth. then make the second one.  One side the card stock and one side as the cereal box take your ribbons and glue to top of one cardboard for inside, I used 6 but I think 5 ribbons would have been better. once they are glued. glue the other piece to the one with the ribbon so the ribbon is on the inside. let dry. add your charms or beads to the ends. and slide it in the spin all the way and there you go.




Videos I’ve found on making your own Bible accessories!