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I have been getting a lot of Bibles lately, and Bible journals and now it’s very over whelming. so, I thought about it, and I have to decide which ones I want to use. I will post them below; I will give some information about that and most if not, all will have their own page to make things easier. this is just easier for me and I’m sure it will be for you also.
I also just started Bibles and crafts on Reddit if you’re interested and on Reddit I would love for you to join me.

I use the CSB Bible, Prayer Bible, I’ve been using the NIV study Bible and My new one is The Jesus Bible it’s an ESV.
I will use this page just to give you information on them.

I just got the Bible Recap and will be starting that soon, so that will be added here as well.

Small CSB Prayer Bible My Prayer Bible that is a CSB.

 Bible Journaling


Tip-Ins Tip-ins This is where I will add tip-ins and all the information for them.




Bibles and Crafts New group on Reddit – love reading and studying the
Bible and do you love crafts.

If you love your Bible, love reading, studying it, Bible Journaling, prayer Bible, etc.,
and love small crafts, well this is the group for you.
Join my group on Reddit!


Here is a list of Supplies I use for my Bibles, Journals, etc. I will try and add links where to find each item.

Bible Safe Gel Highlighters is what I use in my Bible and my bible journal. I get mine on amazon.
here are the ones I get Bible Safe Gel Highlighters


amazon wishlist

Bible study books for sale!

Kingfolk Co

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