My Crochet

My Crochet 

My Soap saver

doily 22Well, I started crocheting when I was about 13, maybe a little younger.

I remember My mom crocheting. I wanted to learn, and she showed me how.
The first thing I made was a granny square. I started to enjoy crocheting. I crocheted for a little while, then I put it down, But I kept picking it back up through the years. I usually crocheted small Afghans or smaller things.

I think I got into it in 1998 and started crocheting clothespin dolls.
Then I started crocheting doll outfits. I liked crocheting doll outfits and kept coming up with more designs and just took off from there.
I did decide to submit a doll outfit. It got published in a magazine, but I never published anything else after that.
I also had a crochet club for a while. Then my hand started hurting, it would cramp up on me. I just couldn’t hold the hook for long at all. So, I had to give it all up.

But after a while I decided to try knitting And I did that off and on as well. I could knit! So, I made all kinds of different things and lost interest in knitting after a year or so.

I think I decided maybe a year or so after that I wanted to crochet again. So, I went and got some yarn and a hook, and I can crochet once again, yes, my hand cramps up once in a while if I crochet too long. I just put it down and start back up the next day. so no, I don’t crochet as fast and long as I use to, but I can still crochet and that’s all that matter’s to me.

I do and always had such a love for crochet. I remember when I was little. My Grandmother used to sit on her bed and crochet these beautiful Crochet outfits for the small dolls. They were some lovely gowns, it’s funny I love crochet doll outfits myself, guess I got that from her. She never went by a pattern. She designed all the outfits herself. I sure miss sitting there watching her crochet. It was just amazing. I don’t know what ever happened to her dolls and their outfits. But she did make some lovely, amazing gowns for them.

So now I made a webpage to add all my patterns, and crochet information on and I’m just taking my time designing and crocheting. I’m doing all the smaller items. like soap savers, wash clothes, bookmarks, paper clips, yarn doilies, etc.

I need to get someone to proofread my patterns. it’s been so long for me. 🙂 But for now, I will do my best to get the patterns correct and double-check them myself. I’m trying to get at least one pattern a week up on the site. I would like to add more than that, but I will try at least one for now.,
Please keep checking back to my crochet page as I decide and add more patterns.

Mary B.


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