Small CSB

I just learned about prayer Bibles last week. So, this past weekend, I went and bought a small Bible CSB.
I have been watching a lot of videos this week. I’m still working through it all to understand it fully.  I will also add some videos on this as well.
From my understanding, you color code it, so like you’re praying for Self-control, that would be pink, and family would be another. and so forth, and so on. I’m also thinking that the colors you pick, you pick what you want it to be and go from there.
you use tabs to color code it; you can make your own as well. I’m going to use the tabs so I will buy some this weekend and get back to it Next week.
I will show you my Prayer Bible and how I’m setting it up, etc.

I also started a group on Facebook called Our Prayer Bible If you would like to join.

I got a few supplies in, so I just started on my prayer Bible. here is a picture of it so far.

Prayer bible update

I’m still working on my prayer Bible; it is coming along. hoping to have it finished with what I have by the end of the week. It will always be a work in progress as I add and find prayers.


This may contain: a prayer for the bible with flowers around it

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This is my wish list for my Prayer Bible Supplies

Wish list for Bible Journaling Supply’s