Sam and Midnight



Sam is a Japanese chin. he is 5 years old. Sam’s Birthday is September 12, 2018. Sam is my baby, and he doesn’t like to be left alone at all. so, we try not to leave him alone and if we do it’s to the doctors and back.
Sam is my chunky monkey I love him so much. he is very spoiled, and he doesn’t like me talking to my husband he gets in between us it’s kind of cute. :-0

                                      What kind of dog is a Japanese Chin?

    • An adult male Japanese Chin. A fully mature Chin’s coat is long and full. The Japanese Chin (Japanese: 狆, chin), also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is a toy dog breed, being both a lap dog and a companion dog, with a distinctive heritage.

What is a Japanese Chin?
Known as the Japanese Spaniel until 1977, at which point its name was officially changed to Japanese Chin. In Japan, there are Inu and there is Chin: Inu are more common, working dogs, and Chin are royalty, descendents of the lapdogs of Chinese aristocracy. The origin of the Japanese Chin is clouded in the mysticism of Far Eastern ancient rites.

Where did the Japanese Chin come from?
While most believe that the source breed for the Japanese Chin originated in China, the route by which the Chin arrived in Japan is a widely debated topic. One story claims that the dogs were given to the Japanese royalty in AD 732 as gifts brought by Kim Jangson ( 金長孫 ), an envoy from the kingdom of Silla on the Korean peninsula.


IMG 1107

 We found Midnight in the garage. when I got him fixed, they said he was about 8 months old. so, they gave him a birthday of 07/29/15 which he will be 9 years old in July.

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Sam wanted to lay in the sun for a while!
He wanted to lay in the sun
Sam laying on my pillow.
sleeping on the pillows
september of 2019
This is Sam when I first got him in 2019.
sam when I first got him
Sam in 2024

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