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Discover a world of crochet with our collection of free crochet patterns! From crochet doll clothes to crochet bowls, doilies, and bath and kitchen accessories, you’ll find inspiration for all your crochet projects. Happy hooking!

Here is a blog post I did on crochet.

Note: I will be working this week coming on each category having its own page. so, on this page you will see like Kitchen – a picture and a clickable link to go to the kitchen patterns. This page will look cleaner and better after I’m done.

Patterns coming soon!

Lip Balm holder!
Corner Bookmarker
Jar cover!
Coffee cup cozy
Pen holder
Crochet Magnets
Round Coaster
Doll socks

Crochet patterns, click on the link to bring you to the category to get the patterns. 



Book Markers



Doll Clothes & accessories






To find out weight the yarn is, it has a skein of yarn on the package and a number inside. look for that and what number it is, and it will tell you if it is worsted, sport so forth, I put the info below for you. hope it helps.

Yarn size

0 = Lace
1= super fine – Fingering weight
2= Fine – Sport
3= Light – Dk
4= Medum – worsted
5= bulky
6= super bulky

Crochet stitch chart!

Crochet stitch chart!

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