I just started doing tip-ins in my Bible.
I will take pictures and add my information here.
I also found a lot of information on the web that I’m also adding to this page for all of you.
I will keep adding the information here for all to use.
I use a lot of index cards as tip-ins as well.
I have the colored ones and use them to save room. I also just use plain paper.

A tip-in is simply a piece of paper or cardstock that is inserted (and they are sometimes folded) into your bible that ‘flips out’.

Bible tip-in image

A Bible Journaling Tip-In is a creative way to add extra content to your Bible without writing directly on the pages. It involves adding a separate piece of paper to your journaling Bible. This can be anything from blank sheets for additional notes, printed images, your artwork, prayer cards, bookmarks, photos, or even items like doilies or fabric.

Tip-ins are great because they add extra space for journaling and allow for flexibility and creativity. They can be any size you prefer, as long as they fit within the margins of your Bible to keep them neat. You can attach them using various adhesives like liquid glue, glue sticks, washi tape, or double-sided tape rollers.

For example, to insert a Tip-In into the spine of your Bible, you can apply liquid glue to the edge of your paper and press it close to the center of the Bible pages, letting it dry before closing. Alternatively, you can attach it to the side, so it flips outward.

There are many ways to personalize your Bible with Tip-Ins, and they can be a fun addition to your Bible study routine. If you’re interested in trying it out, free printable Tip-Ins are available online that you can download and use in your Bible.

I will add some links where you can go and download some tip-ins.
I will add the links and information as I get it, so keep checking back for updates and more information.

It’s About Time {Free Tip-Ins} – Grace in Color

Tip-In Theme Printables (blessitforward.co.uk)

Bible Journaling Tip-ins – Plus A Free Printable! – Scribbling Grace

Make your own Bible Journaling Tip-in (reginayoder.com)

Bible Journal Five Ways (Without Covering the Text) – Scroll about halfway down the page for the tip-in.

Here is some Information I found on tip-ins.


What paper is best for Bible tip ins?
First things first—what is vellum???
Vellum is a translucent paper that’s often used as a filler paper for wedding invitations or as a durable tracing paper. You can see through it but it’s much heavier than tracing paper which makes it great as a “tip in” for your Bible.

My Tip ins

Here are a few tip-ins that I have done and added to my Bible. I use paper and just glue the side using just a small amt of glue and running my finger over it and then stick in-between the pages what a min and then press to make sure it’s staying. you can use cardstock and or printed paper, but I don’t want it too to think so I use all kinds of paper, to write on. also, sicky notes are great as well.

my tip in