Craft pages and more!

Craft pages and more!


I wanted to give you some information on the crafts I do or want to do, the pages they will be on, categories, and so forth, right now all of it’s all over the place and I need to come up with a better system for this.
I do love doing all kinds of crafts, I do like doing smaller crafts mostly, but if it’s something I want to do and it’s a bigger craft I will do that also. I like to do papercrafts as well, along with crochet and so much more.

I have some ideas of things I want to make, here are just a few ideas that I have right now, a pencil holder, paper clips, Buttons, homemade envelopes, soda bottle bank. I have more ideas written down and hope more to come. I might list my ideas on the page that it needs to go on so you can look forward to knowing what’s coming.

I’m working on the pages as well as the crafts, I have a page for my crochet patterns, one for Diamond painting, and one for crafts which is my main one. once I get too many designs for one thing, I will move them to a page of their own and keep adding.

Also, if there is a craft that you don’t see, and you are interested in please send me a message and I will see what I can do. I always love to get ideas from others.
Plus, you might have a great idea that I haven’t thought of.

toilet paper rollI’m also going to be working on Toilet paper holder crafts, so I have a few ideas for them as well. a few things with pill bottles as well. I have so many ideas it would take a half day to write them all down here 🙂

I’m also interested in taking some items from Dollar Tree and making some crafts out of the items. so, I guess I need to take a trip to Dollar Tree and scope out some ideas. then buy the things I need for those crafts and get to work. I might need to add a few more days in the week so I can do all these things I want to do.


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