Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants

ponytail plant in new pot

I’m doing a collab with Perfect Plants. they sent me a plant called The Ponytail Palm. I did a blog post about this already. but wanted to add some info.

I went out this weekend and got a bigger pot for it, yesterday I moved it to the bigger pot and it looks so nice sitting in the bigger pot. I need to get more soil for it this coming weekend, it’s not quite where I wanted it. but it’s doing good.

I keep playing with the leaves :-). I have to say I love this plant and it’s very easy to take care of. I will add all this information along with pictures on the plant page.
It looks like I have a little palm tree in my bedroom.

I wanted to thank Perfect Plants for this wonderful plant, I was amazed at how wonderful they packed it and shipped it to me. they did a wonderful job. They are very amazing and answered all the questions I had.
you should check out their site they do have some wonderful plants to choose from. I’m sure you will find the perfect plant like I did. And if you’re not sure contact them they will help you find the right plant or plants for you. they also carry plant soil and more.

You can get your very own ponytail palm just like I have at My Perfect Plants

I will do another video in a few weeks to show you the plant again and how it’s doing, etc.


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