Make your own tabs for your Bibles, Bible Journals, etc.

Make your own tabs for your Bibles, Bible Journals, Study books, etc.

You can either buy tabs or make your own. I like making my own it’s easy and you can make them up quickly.

To make your own, you can always use paper, cloth, cardstock, ribbon, tissue paper, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, washi tape, decorative tape, die cuts, small stickers, decorative file folders, etc.
I also make paper clips for tabs. Add ribbon, yarn, paper, etc. to the paper clip for a little, decoration.

Also, you can make your own using punches, tab punches, and circle punches. they also have the note flags you can use as tabs you can’t get these also at Dollar Tree, that’s where I get mine from.
Handmade Notebook Divider Tabs | Loulou

You can also buy tabs for your Bible, they have them at Amazon for one and other places, Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, etc.

There are so many ways to make tab’s and if you just want to buy them you can they have so many, different sizes, shapes, colors, etc.


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